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Looking back to IDS 2019.

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With a great deal of team spirit and full commitment, W&H caused a stir in the dental community.

Product highlights

Proxeo Twist LatchShort

The new generation of rotary polishing

The Proxeo Twist LatchShort Polishing System is a particularly smart solution for Prophy polishing: The small head with the optimally matched Prophy Cups significantly reduces the working height. You gain as much as four millimetres compared to standard latch systems.

Proxeo Twist LatchShort

Proxeo Twist Cordless

The new freedom of rotary polishing

Cordless polishing means polishing entirely without restrictions. Twist and turn the ergonomically designed, light handpiece at will and change your position as needed. This allows you to access practically any angle during polishing and ensures a good view of the treatment site.

Proxeo Twist Cordless

Proxeo Aura

Happy patient. Happy professional.

The Proxeo Aura Air Polishing System is a real all-rounder. Soft deposits and stains can be removed thoroughly and efficiently without changing the handpiece. The powders, handpiece and spray heads work together perfectly and allow thorough and atraumatic supragingival and subgingival cleaning.

Proxeo Aura

Proxeo Ultra

The new Piezo Scalers from W&H

The new Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers from W&H were developed in collaboration with prophylaxis professionals and really live up to their name. Exclusive user advantages such as »Q-Link«, the only quick connection system of its kind in the world, and the verified compatibility with pacemakers allow ultraefficient treatment.

Proxeo Ultra

NIWOP - No Implantology without Periodontology

The systematic workflow

NIWOP enables the best possible treatment of patients. Pre-treatment, implantation, follow-up care – the evidence-based, systematic NIWOP workflow and the associated W&H products such as Implantmed, Piezomed, Tigon or the extensive range of tips help to achieve lasting success of the implant.

NIWOP - No Implantology without Periodontology

Osstell Beacon

Implant stability measurement

The Osstell Beacon helps you to objectively determine implant stability and measure the degree of osseointegration without jeopardising the healing process. It is a fast and non-invasive diagnosis instrument that provides precise information required for making well-informed decisions.

The compact diagnosis instrument is wireless, giving you greater freedom of movement in your dental practice.

Osstell Beacon

ioDent® – Welcome to the world of digital dentistry

Smart Dental Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) has now become reality in dental practices, with W&H offering intelligent and networked product solutions in dentistry under the new digital brand ioDent® – W&H Smart Dental Solutions. In future, the cloudbased system will communicate with the connected devices via the ioDent® Gateway mini. Data exchange is secure and easy!

Smart Dental Solutions

Implantmed Plus with ioDent® system

The smartest solution for optimal treatment plannings

Implantmed Plus offers a surgical device that includes the unique »ioDent® system«. The intelligent W&H solution will increase safety in the practice and resources can be planned in advance to increase efficiency.

Implantmed Plus

New Lisa

Unique in its use.

The new generation of Lisa sterilizers offers intelligent and innovative solutions like EliSense and EliTrace for extraordinary userfriendliness as well as traceability down to the individual instrument.
The result: safety, convenience, reliability and speed at a whole new level.

New Lisa


Easy to expand with customized upgrades.

Sterilize reliably, quickly and rapidly – plus, you can customize the device to suit your needs: The standard versions of the new Lara sterilizers already offer the fastest sterilization cycle in their segment – including standard documentation. An additional, newly developed upgrade system offers even more speed and extended documentation if you
so wish – and ensures you are optimally equipped even if your requirements

New Lara

Teon and Teon +

Next step for reprocessing

The new Teon and Teon + are highly efficient thermal washer disinfectors. Thanks to its dedicated programs it offers the best cleaning anddisinfection for your dental practice.

New Teon and Teon +

Primea Advanced Air

Control and precision with ease

With the Primea Advanced Air you now have the air under perfect control. It is the world’s first air-driven high-speed drive solution with an adjustable bur speed to provide constant removal rate, even with increasing pressure. This allows you to work with the optimal application speed and maximum treatment efficacy at all times: a unique symbiosis of power and ease for extra control combined with premium comfort.

Primea Advanced Air



New Lara sterilizer – Incredible inside. Incredible outside.

Be prepared for today and for tomorrow – with the new Lara sterilizer from W&H, users not only have state-of-the-art today, but additional high-tech for the future. Equipped with fast cycle times and a safe documentation system, Lara simplifies and speeds up the sterilization process.

The cordless Proxeo Twist Polishing System from W&H

W&H has expanded its portfolio by a cordless polishing system for more comfort and greater freedom of movement during prophylaxis or periodontitis treatment. The Proxeo Twist Polishing System allows dentists and hygienists to use the cordless polishing handpiece entirely without constraints and control it using the wireless foot Control.

Say goodbye to discolourations and peri-implantitis with Proxeo Aura

W&H is completing the range for prophylaxis and periodontology treatment with the new Proxeo Aura air polishing solution. The system is suitable for all supra- and subgingival indications, including the treatment of peri-implantitis, and allows efficient, thorough and controlled working with just one device.

Proxeo piezo scalers: Ultrasonic also compatible with pacemakers

The three new W&H Proxeo Ultra piezo scalers gently remove supra- and subgingival deposits. The quick tip exchange is truly one of a kind. With the Proxeo ultrasonic technology, even patients with pacemakers can be treated safely.

Your technological advantage in high-speed application

W&H has created a unique portfolio in the field of Built-in Solutions with its Primea Advanced Air technology. The easily integrated high-speed drive solution opens up new possibilities in dental preparation and ensures a technological advantage in dental units. Unit manufacturers benefit from a unique technology, which was awarded the National State Prize for Innovation in 2018.

Your Built-in Solutions Provider

The Built-in Solutions from W&H are high-quality, customised and offer everything from a single source. These easy to integrate solutions for dental units show the way not only in dental drive technology. With its unique development expertise, W&H is also your partner for regulatory compliance. Unit manufacturers can therefore draw on a complete and exclusive range of products and Services.

Smart ioDent® system saves time

W&H is constantly expanding its portfolio of networked products for dental practice. From summer of 2019, the ‘Implantmed Plus’ – a surgical device with the unique ‘ioDent®’ system – will be available to implantologists. This smart solution from W&H provides even more safety in dental practice, and enables resources to be used proactively and efficiently.

No Implantology without Periodontology – #NIWOP

Some things do belong together: just as Yin needs Yang, implantology needs periodontology. With “No Implantology without Periodontology”, NIWOP for short, W&H presents a systematic and evidence-based workflow for a sound and healthy tissue situation around the implant.

Over 1000 scientific studies related to Osstell

Osstell, the company that developed the original ISQ technology, today announces that by March 2019, there are now over 1000 scientific studies and publications evidencing Osstell’s unique ISQ technology using the original SmartPegs.

W&H Australasia expands its sales range

From March 2019, W&H Australasia Pty Limited, a subsidiary of the international W&H Group, starts the distribution of the W&H Oral Surgery and Implantology (OSI) product range in Australia. Customers benefit from innovative technologies "Made in Austria" as well as high-quality W&H support and Service.

Primea Advanced Air: High speed under perfect control

The Primea Advanced Air dental turbine handpiece is the perfect symbiosis of high speed and precision. The W&H innovation combines an air drive with an electronic control system and opens up completely new options in dental treatment by allowing the user to control the bur speed and removal of tooth structure precisely for the very first time.

W&H sets new standards in periodontology with NIWOP

At EuroPerio9, W&H unveiled the “No Implantology without Periodontology” (NIWOP) treatment workflow. With this workflow, W&H highlights the importance of a healthy periodontal condition prior to implantation. In this interview, Bernhard Eder, W&H Product Manager of Prophylaxis and Periodontology, discusses why W&H is setting standards in periodontology and which advantages users may expect.

Synea – 4ever young!

Synea is the clear winner of the innovation challenge – and has been for 20 years. The Synea turbines and the Synea straight and contra-angle handpieces of W&H not only set the benchmark in their class – they are also a technical sensation. Unique in their function, design and reliability, Synea products inspire dentists’ day-to-day work and open up a lot of new treatment possibilities.

New LatchShort polishing system from W&H

In modern dental treatment, the professional, mechanical removal of plaque and biofilm is an integral part of the prophylaxis workflow. In the new Proxeo TWIST LatchShort polishing system, W&H is now presenting a system with a working height 4 mm shorter than standard latch systems.

New Osstell Beacon monitors implant stability

Osstell, the developer of the ISQ diagnostic technology (Implant Stability Quotient), now presents the next leap in the evolution of implant diagnostic instrumentation: The Osstell BeaconTM, an innovative and highly intuitive tool designed to guide implant treatments for more predictable results.

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Partnership with Osstell

We will also be presenting the excellent results of our technology partnership with our Swedish subsidiary Osstell.

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